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Emotive has joined GDI.
Maybe my new official Emotive website. We'll see.

But the coolest thing is
It's a money maker.
Why? Because as an affiliate, I earn commissions on everyone else who needs a website, hosting, advertising and more. They even gave me another blog!
Like I'm going to write more.
Who's got the time.
Apparently I do, because i'm still babbling.
look... here's the site. Enjoy!


I like to leave much of the meaning of my work in music and lyrics up to the interpretation of my audience. That way the audience has the opportunity to learn about themselves as they listen or view the work. Pay attention to what you come up with as you view a painting or listen to a song and its words. I'm more interested in what the 'meaning' is for You.
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Walking Through Walls

Where do I begin?
Another night in the studio, and suddenly the whole universe is wide open.
Now that some of the mess has cleared, and all the equipment has been warmed up, I was able to inventory my existing music files and discovered something amazing!
5 or 6 songs slated for the album/project/CD (what the hell do we call it these days?) are nearly ready for mix downs and finalization. I had no idea I was so close. I may even get a few sneak peek pre-release samples uploaded for my awesome Emo-lovin Fans! Stay tuned in!

I was trying to make some space for new material on the hard drive for my new project with Edge of Now.
I was able to do so without deleting or archiving any of the songs for my second album. Hey, let's call it album, so totally retro. Now fans can look forward to 2 upcoming releases.

Songs slated for the new album include:
Prelude. Exactly what it says. Finally wrote my very own. Maybe perfect opener and intro to next song. Big sound with keys and drums.
Levitation. Insrumental with vocalization. Designed to lift you off the ground.
Walking Through Walls. Heavy Rock tune, title song. Highly suggestive. About dropping limitations.
Stay Home With Me (3-Day Weekend). Upbeat happy tune. About staying home with my baby.
Standing In Line. "but if you like standing in line, that's you wasting time..." rock tune with catchy rythm, about motivation.
Right The Rhyme. Heavy Rock tune about fixing things, recognizing elements of brainwashing and manipulations at the hands of the PTB.
Of Distant Memories. Instrumental, experimental, mesmerizing. Did it really happen?
Unwind. Another song about awareness with a unique bluesy sound.
SuperNova. Heavy Rock tune, featuring guitars, drums and effects.
Headlights and Moonbeams. Signature song from wayyyy back. It's time it was released for the masses. Big sound, heavy rock, featuring solos.

Samples on the way!

In other news...
I'm beginning to think I should combine my art blog with my Emotive blog. Seems easier that way. We'll see. In any case, there is progress happening in the art studio as well as the music studio. I am beginning new drawings to use for new painting ideas. Fresh drawings can be found on my Fan's Page on Facebook.
In addition, we can look forward to a brand new ATB art website along with the new paintings. This will be bigger and better than ever. The coolest part is, this time I get to choose my advertising to support the site.
Stand by for website preview.

That about sums it up for now. Gotta love Spring time. Especially Spring break! Without which, all this progress might not have been possible. I'm more busy now than when I'm working a regular day job. Ha!

Return soon for more updates.

Best Wishes to my Family, Friends and Fans!
Andrew T. Bearce


Signs of Life

My friends, what a long rough road I have travelled to finally get HERE... where I never intended to be. At least not in the physical sense. No, no, Montana is ok... I just never thought I'd be here. I have been feeling very alienated. I was not done enjoying the high desert of The Verde Valley of Arizona. However, where I am at subjectively, is a bit more promising now. It is somewehere I had hoped to be many many years ago. All that matters now, is that my subjective and objective worlds are having a meeting in The Studio again.
But wait, I sense another presence.
In an attempt to speed productions up and expand musical horizons, I have called on the creative genius of the recording artist "Edge of Now" aka Jeffrey Birr, to bring our musical ideas together for an upcoming project. There are, in fact, many reasons for bringing in a guest musician. I am so glad he has accepted the invitation. It will surely be interesting to see what we create as we begin to collaborate via internet.
We will be using http://myonlineband.com/Emotive to put our ideas together.
How cool is that? I don't even have to leave the house.
I met Jeffrey while promoting my music at http://betarecords.com/emotive We quickly connected when we heard each other's music, and shared influences. A supportive online friendship developed. We continued to encourage each other in our musical endeavors. Then, recently, I decided it would be beneficial for both of us to work together. Jeffrey is definitely outside the box when it comes to his musical artistry, and as you know, for Emotive, nothing but "out of the box" will do. Now, we set sail for uncharted territory.
So last night, I finally got into the studio and began recording fresh material for this new project.
Don't worry, my second Emotive album is still in the works. Now we have more music to look forward to from : "Emotive and The Edge of Now"

Ahhh! That felt so good to write. I feel like a bear waking from hibernation. Time of The Season.
Blowing the dust off my equipment, moving the storage boxes out of the way, powering up the synths, guitars, percussion instruments...
"It's Aaaalivvve !!!" I cry.

Oh Yeah, We'll keep you posted.
Thanks for visiting.



Thanks to all my FANS for making this happen! Hitting the charts at Jango is a big deal. There's only one way to go from here... UPPP!!! So thank you. Visit and listen often and keep clicking those songs and voting. It's working.  PEACE OUT!



Great News Emotive Fans!
And we need your help. Emotive is now on JANGO
So all you need to do is visit, give a thumbs up vote, become a fan on JANGO, listen and listen again! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your newspaper boy.. tell everyone! And ENJOY EMOTIVE ON JANGO! You can copy and paste the url on your Facebook Wall!
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There's a Snail Slippin Long the Edge of a Shiny Cold Silver Blade

...When you're Long Suffering. Yes indeed I am invoking the title and a select verse of one of my songs from the previous CD "Emotive, The Music and Performances of Andrew Thomas Bearce"
That is because I (we) were suffering through a deep stagnance in the quagmire of obstacles. So, as a possible remedy to immediate concerns for livelihood, we are here in Montana, trying to get re-established. Things have improved so I'll spare you the details. Here's the point:
No Emotive recording has been taking place for many months now, and probably will not take place until I can generate more funding for the next project. My keyboard-synth is set up and on display... sort of mocking me... until i can afford the time in the studio. Meanwhile I work a day job helping at risk youth.
The new album is on hold until further notice, yet the project is not abandoned, I assure you.
Be patient fans and friends....  it's coming.

Go listen to the first album again and help spread the news. Emotive is great music. You gotta get a copy! Play it loud. That is my advice to you.

And on that last screaming note...   salutations, and GOOD NIGHT.

Anyway... "Everything's Alright"
Even though we're "Long Suffering"
"How Much Is Too Much" anyway?
Perhaps we can reflect in "Reverie" and "Dream Away"
Only to find ourselves "Unsigned and Naked"


Lost Domain, what a shame

It happened months ago. As the economy put its squeeze on everything and everybody, including yours truly, I found that I could not afford the domain renewal fees for both atbproductions.com and emotivethemusic.com
This is most unfortunate, since years of networking and promoting have always included those two domain website addresses. However, the website content is all still intact. It is a good thing I did not pay for hosting and risk losing everything. My original sites were set up on tripod, for free! Thanks Tripod! The Domain name/ website addresses simply routed fans to the actual website, hosted on Tripod. This means it's all still available.
See http://drewbage.tripod.com/emotive001.htm

Direct link to downloads

Now don't make fun of the name I originally chose at Tripod. I built my first ATB Productions site way back in 2000! Things were a little different back then. The name may have reflected something about the space I was in at the time. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then so much the better.
Anyway, 2000, wow! At that time Emotive was just getting started in Florida. I had two additional members filling in on bass and guitars and song writing collaborations. We were finding our progressive/ alternative rock sound at the tail end of the whole Grunge movement. We were finding our niche in the local South Florida scene. Those bars were a trip! The outdoor beach shows were awesome! And the private party performances...well...  friends make great fans.

Remembering my friends and partners in music from South Florida...
What's up Jerry? How's it going Mike?

The original ATB Productions site
Features the Fine Art Paintings of Andrew Thomas Bearce
(but you should already know that)
You'll also find an updated cartoon page.

I got some new Google Hub Page too. Just another way to reach the masses. I don't know what I should be doing with it.Be sure to tell your friends to check out Emotive! http://hubpages.com/profile/Emotive
Don't forget my fans page http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=57332904338
Now, 10 years later, Emotive is a polished progressive rock solo act, recording fresh new music from the heart and soul. Be patient my friends, I have a few songs growing in the lab. It has been tough finding the time to continue the experimentation. Many obstacles exist. Yet these shall be overcome. After all, the name of my latest project is
Stay tuned for samples like

Walking Through Walls
Three Day Weekend
Burning Wings
and More....