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Incase you didn't figure it out already, the music console on this page is for you to click and use to your heart's desire. I mean I don't know much about blogging yet, and things are bound to be off to a sloppy start, but at least I brought toys! Don't see it? Look for it. I'll wait.......
It's at the bottom of the page, until further notice.
Ok, so click on the songs and listen. Turn it up. These songs are a culmination of some of my best studio work between 2006 and 2007. I hope you enjoy it.
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So go on, multi-task. You can use a separate window and keep reading while you listen to the music. I won't bore you with Emotive artist biography details and history, you can find that all over the place, beginning with http://www.emotivethemusic.com/
But I want to tell you more about the music. I'm highly influenced by the cutting edge progressive rock sounds from the 60s through 80s, wherever it could be found in its pure uncommercialized forms. Bands like RUSH, YES, SUPERTRAMP, PINK FLOYD, MOODY BLUES, ALAN PARSONS, KING CRIMSON, KANSAS, GENESIS, ELP...come to the fore. Yet there is also that heavy rocker side of me drawing from BLACK SABBATH, OZZY, BOC, JUDAS PRIEST, DIO, DEEP PURPLE, ... and then theres that anything goes part of me that listens to blues, jazz, classical, folk, southern, ambient and experimental. What does it all add up to?


DYNO-MIGHT is one of those songs that just came to me while I was cleaning up the house one day. That bass line that begins the song came first. By itself, it was rather abstract and an irregular rhythm, but it set the mood and foundation for the hook of the song. Once adding percussion, it became alive. The chords came in due order.I followed the logic as it revealed itself. Added piano, guitars, and layed that sax right up on top, soaring and diving... until ***

"Hello and thanks for comin down Maybe you've seen me around
Looks like I'm playin uptown now Just wanted to let you hear the...

The vocals came as naturally as the melodies and rhythm. This was a song of introduction. I had already planned it to be a show opener, and it just so happened I had a show coming up!
I was in Phoenix at the time, struggling as usual. When I had been offered the opportunity to play some music for a street corner bagel shop by happenstance, I had to say yes! And this would be the first time I put on a show by myself. No other musicians, just yours truly.
I used prerecroded rhythms and backing tracks and concentrated on my vocals and sax performance. As I was planning this, the song Dyno-Might was growing in my mind.

"My voice is crackin tonight And I can't see in this light
But i got some dyno-might Yeah I got some dyno-might
And I think I might use it"

The lyrics make fun of the fact that I'm truly nervous and worried about my performance,
but I know I got the right stuff "Dyno-Might" and I intend to use it.

"I hope that you hang around I think we're drawing a crowd
I hope it aint too loud for the neighbors
but maybe its not loud enough!"

And thus begins the instrumental rock madness. The sax in this song gives it some sort of acid jazz blues rock feel. Classic progressive. Wow.. that sounds like a diagnosis.
Will you stick around for more insanity, like the song suggests?

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