There's a Snail Slippin Long the Edge of a Shiny Cold Silver Blade

...When you're Long Suffering. Yes indeed I am invoking the title and a select verse of one of my songs from the previous CD "Emotive, The Music and Performances of Andrew Thomas Bearce"
That is because I (we) were suffering through a deep stagnance in the quagmire of obstacles. So, as a possible remedy to immediate concerns for livelihood, we are here in Montana, trying to get re-established. Things have improved so I'll spare you the details. Here's the point:
No Emotive recording has been taking place for many months now, and probably will not take place until I can generate more funding for the next project. My keyboard-synth is set up and on display... sort of mocking me... until i can afford the time in the studio. Meanwhile I work a day job helping at risk youth.
The new album is on hold until further notice, yet the project is not abandoned, I assure you.
Be patient fans and friends....  it's coming.

Go listen to the first album again and help spread the news. Emotive is great music. You gotta get a copy! Play it loud. That is my advice to you.

And on that last screaming note...   salutations, and GOOD NIGHT.

Anyway... "Everything's Alright"
Even though we're "Long Suffering"
"How Much Is Too Much" anyway?
Perhaps we can reflect in "Reverie" and "Dream Away"
Only to find ourselves "Unsigned and Naked"

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