How Much Long Suffering?

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How Much, indeed. This song was actually written quite some time ago, when Emotive was finding its way in South Florida. We needed a pop rock song that could appeal to the younger audiences. I don't know how the concept got started beyond that. I often ask myself about limits and boundaries, excess, expansion.... anything that blows the box wide open. So I began to ask...

"How much is too much And how real is what I feel"
Like my artwork, I like my words to be open for interpretation. It all becomes very philosophical to me really. What is the reality of boundaries, really? Can we hope to surpass them?

"And is it just dumb luck that keeps me in touch with
A little bit lighter a little bit brighter a little bit deeper a little bit wider"

Dumb luck. Just the way I'm wired. Keeps me in touch with those metaphorical symbolical concepts such as lighter, brighter, deeper, wider... suggesting limitlessness, ad infinitum.
Harder, smarter, faster, farther. More on this kind of thinking in my next album titled "Walking Through Walls" Stay tuned for that one kids. Anyway, this song was put together using a drum machine sequencer, something I used to be against. I have to tell you, I hate rap, but I decided to just speak words in rhythm for the second half of the lyrics. This broke new ground in the sound of Emotive, and placed this song into the modern rock genre. You could even dance to it!
The sax solos were a last minute thought, and brought the style back to that unique Emotive sound with a new twist.
"And when ya look around all you see is headin down
Headin down is all you see Jammin up your liberty
When you're lonnnnnnng sufferinnnnnnn"

Life is hard. Suffering is a noble truth, says the Buddha. Coming to terms and working with that suffering is something we all have to learn to do, or else we'll lose it. Art and Music are two ways to work with that angst that comes from suffering. That Emotion has so much potential energy to be channeled into great works, and it just feels good to vent sometimes. That's what Long Suffering is all about. There's no resolution or answer to the problem in the song, and if that doesnt make you feel any better, just listen to the song, and let out that frustration. I'm with you man.
"And when you begin It starts diggin in
Under your skin into your bones
Tappin the wiiiires on your phone
Always aware that you're never alone
when you're lonnnnnnng lonnnng sufferinnnnn"

For a little reggae rock, listen to "Only World" as a dreamtime story unfolds revealing the conciousness of nature. A call to the world for environmental awareness. Join the journey.

"Everything's Alright" is my antidote to Long Suffering. A song of letting go of the past, and believing its all good, no matter what. Sometimes its just good to say it, sing it, and believe it. So it is.

"Everything is alright, Everything's fine, Everything's Easy
There's no reason to doubt, There's no reason to fear
Tomorrow, Is here!"
Reverie - An ambient spacey soundscape piece that has an intense lift. This is one to dim the lights for, light some candles, insense if you like, relax in a very comfy seat and a put on good set of headphones. Remember that Memorex Ad back in the 80s? With the guy in his armchair gettin blasted...? It's like that. My wife Stephanie helped write the words, and did the voice-over.
Dream Away - A dreamy song of melancholy reflection. This was one of those ancient songs I carried around with me through the years hoping one day to get the right arrangement and recording. This cut comes real close. I wrote it in Brooklyn, NY when the first Gulf War broke out, I was pretty disgusted and I was longing for a return to the beautiful mountains of WVa. where I grew up. It was there I could fall into the sky. Intense vocals. Big finish. Another good lift.
Unsigned and Naked - Well what do you think it's about? I'll tell you. Try not to be disappointed. It's about the vulnerabilities and hard lifestyle of the dedicated independent artist. That's me! And true to form, I don't think I have to do it the way standard industry says it should be done. Case in point. This album attests to that. This song has a heavy modern rock feel to it. I used some looped guitar effects and a mechanical drum beat with a real drum set over the top. It rocks. Turn it up on your way down I-17, or I-95, or whatever your local feaky freeway/ highway is.
"I gotta bare my soul It's all for rock'n roll"
Yeah! You don't have to take it either!
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But I want to tell you more about the music. I'm highly influenced by the cutting edge progressive rock sounds from the 60s through 80s, wherever it could be found in its pure uncommercialized forms. Bands like RUSH, YES, SUPERTRAMP, PINK FLOYD, MOODY BLUES, ALAN PARSONS, KING CRIMSON, KANSAS, GENESIS, ELP...come to the fore. Yet there is also that heavy rocker side of me drawing from BLACK SABBATH, OZZY, BOC, JUDAS PRIEST, DIO, DEEP PURPLE, ... and then theres that anything goes part of me that listens to blues, jazz, classical, folk, southern, ambient and experimental. What does it all add up to?


DYNO-MIGHT is one of those songs that just came to me while I was cleaning up the house one day. That bass line that begins the song came first. By itself, it was rather abstract and an irregular rhythm, but it set the mood and foundation for the hook of the song. Once adding percussion, it became alive. The chords came in due order.I followed the logic as it revealed itself. Added piano, guitars, and layed that sax right up on top, soaring and diving... until ***

"Hello and thanks for comin down Maybe you've seen me around
Looks like I'm playin uptown now Just wanted to let you hear the...

The vocals came as naturally as the melodies and rhythm. This was a song of introduction. I had already planned it to be a show opener, and it just so happened I had a show coming up!
I was in Phoenix at the time, struggling as usual. When I had been offered the opportunity to play some music for a street corner bagel shop by happenstance, I had to say yes! And this would be the first time I put on a show by myself. No other musicians, just yours truly.
I used prerecroded rhythms and backing tracks and concentrated on my vocals and sax performance. As I was planning this, the song Dyno-Might was growing in my mind.

"My voice is crackin tonight And I can't see in this light
But i got some dyno-might Yeah I got some dyno-might
And I think I might use it"

The lyrics make fun of the fact that I'm truly nervous and worried about my performance,
but I know I got the right stuff "Dyno-Might" and I intend to use it.

"I hope that you hang around I think we're drawing a crowd
I hope it aint too loud for the neighbors
but maybe its not loud enough!"

And thus begins the instrumental rock madness. The sax in this song gives it some sort of acid jazz blues rock feel. Classic progressive. Wow.. that sounds like a diagnosis.
Will you stick around for more insanity, like the song suggests?


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