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The New and Improved ATB Productions Studio

A recent move to bigger and better things included a new studio space for the further experimental progressive rock recordings of Emotive. The interesting thing is, the walls are purple, heralding back to the original 'purple cave' studio in Sedona, used to record "Emotive, The Music and Performances of Andrew Thomas Bearce"

Should I bring back the original name?

The equipment now sits up on a platform, much like a stage, and the lower level also acts like a stage area. It's small, but with the platform arrangement, space is given good use. Now, what to do about the outside traffic noise? No, I havn't sound proofed yet. My short term solution is to only use open mics after midnight, when I can belt out the lyrics, or blast that saxophone, without worry of catching the sound of someone's deisel on the recordings.

Currently recording "Walking Through Walls" and a song called "Three Day Weekend"

Wonder if the neighbors can hear rehearsals in the wee hours.

Remember the line from "Dyno-Might" ? -"I hope it ain't too loud for the neighbors"...

Well, truly, ...I don't really care. So far no disturbance has been observed.

It's time to return to said studio right now.

Of course I'll have to clean up the tarot card spread I was using on the floor for study.


Emotive, Summer 2009

The recent news is, I have completed rebuilding my art and recording studio, which allows a much better workspace for all my creative needs. Though the easel is up and a canvas waits, I couldn't help beginning my new Emotive recording project "Walking Through Walls"Indeed, it seems I have been walking through many walls. It is something we all do, metaphorically speaking. Yet, as a concept, we should contemplate those things which appear to be impossible. Perhaps things are not what they seem, and no wall is permanent. More on that to be expounded in my new album. Watch for updates and samples. Until then, I invite you all to listen to and purchase the first debut album "Emotive, The Music and Performances of Andrew Thomas Bearce". Listen to songs like "Everything's Alright" or "Unsigned and Naked" or "Dyno-Might" and more. Tell us your favorite song. Remember, all purchases help support continued studio production, and supplies me with enough peanuts and coffee to survive.
Currently encouraging and accepting any help from fans to tell others and invite more fans to join the party. Thank you Everyone for your support.~ATB
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