Just Another Night

My webpage editor crashed today. Of course it happened during a revamp of the Emotive Website. You may notice it's a bit wacky there now. I lost some formatting, tables and such, but at least all the info and apps are still intact. It was really tickin me off though. What musician wants to spend 3 hours just trying to get some simple changes made on their webpage?

Not I said the freaky guy.

I spent alot of time promoting and advertising as well. I would much rather be in the studio.

However lately I've been having that 'studio block' and for no good reason. I am so ready to rock... what's goin on?

Instead of working on the new material last night, I put on Black Sabbath's Mob Rules and played along with Tony Iommi, trying to catch a little sabbath influence. Power chords and odd riffs. I love it! I'll probably hit it a few more times and polish some guitar techniques.
Guitar was not my first instrument ya know. Nor my second or third. In fact I didn't get myself a decent strat until 2004. Just enough for that rhythm baby. It's only gonna get better.