Signs of Life

My friends, what a long rough road I have travelled to finally get HERE... where I never intended to be. At least not in the physical sense. No, no, Montana is ok... I just never thought I'd be here. I have been feeling very alienated. I was not done enjoying the high desert of The Verde Valley of Arizona. However, where I am at subjectively, is a bit more promising now. It is somewehere I had hoped to be many many years ago. All that matters now, is that my subjective and objective worlds are having a meeting in The Studio again.
But wait, I sense another presence.
In an attempt to speed productions up and expand musical horizons, I have called on the creative genius of the recording artist "Edge of Now" aka Jeffrey Birr, to bring our musical ideas together for an upcoming project. There are, in fact, many reasons for bringing in a guest musician. I am so glad he has accepted the invitation. It will surely be interesting to see what we create as we begin to collaborate via internet.
We will be using http://myonlineband.com/Emotive to put our ideas together.
How cool is that? I don't even have to leave the house.
I met Jeffrey while promoting my music at http://betarecords.com/emotive We quickly connected when we heard each other's music, and shared influences. A supportive online friendship developed. We continued to encourage each other in our musical endeavors. Then, recently, I decided it would be beneficial for both of us to work together. Jeffrey is definitely outside the box when it comes to his musical artistry, and as you know, for Emotive, nothing but "out of the box" will do. Now, we set sail for uncharted territory.
So last night, I finally got into the studio and began recording fresh material for this new project.
Don't worry, my second Emotive album is still in the works. Now we have more music to look forward to from : "Emotive and The Edge of Now"

Ahhh! That felt so good to write. I feel like a bear waking from hibernation. Time of The Season.
Blowing the dust off my equipment, moving the storage boxes out of the way, powering up the synths, guitars, percussion instruments...
"It's Aaaalivvve !!!" I cry.

Oh Yeah, We'll keep you posted.
Thanks for visiting.