Walking Through Walls

Where do I begin?
Another night in the studio, and suddenly the whole universe is wide open.
Now that some of the mess has cleared, and all the equipment has been warmed up, I was able to inventory my existing music files and discovered something amazing!
5 or 6 songs slated for the album/project/CD (what the hell do we call it these days?) are nearly ready for mix downs and finalization. I had no idea I was so close. I may even get a few sneak peek pre-release samples uploaded for my awesome Emo-lovin Fans! Stay tuned in!

I was trying to make some space for new material on the hard drive for my new project with Edge of Now.
I was able to do so without deleting or archiving any of the songs for my second album. Hey, let's call it album, so totally retro. Now fans can look forward to 2 upcoming releases.

Songs slated for the new album include:
Prelude. Exactly what it says. Finally wrote my very own. Maybe perfect opener and intro to next song. Big sound with keys and drums.
Levitation. Insrumental with vocalization. Designed to lift you off the ground.
Walking Through Walls. Heavy Rock tune, title song. Highly suggestive. About dropping limitations.
Stay Home With Me (3-Day Weekend). Upbeat happy tune. About staying home with my baby.
Standing In Line. "but if you like standing in line, that's you wasting time..." rock tune with catchy rythm, about motivation.
Right The Rhyme. Heavy Rock tune about fixing things, recognizing elements of brainwashing and manipulations at the hands of the PTB.
Of Distant Memories. Instrumental, experimental, mesmerizing. Did it really happen?
Unwind. Another song about awareness with a unique bluesy sound.
SuperNova. Heavy Rock tune, featuring guitars, drums and effects.
Headlights and Moonbeams. Signature song from wayyyy back. It's time it was released for the masses. Big sound, heavy rock, featuring solos.

Samples on the way!

In other news...
I'm beginning to think I should combine my art blog with my Emotive blog. Seems easier that way. We'll see. In any case, there is progress happening in the art studio as well as the music studio. I am beginning new drawings to use for new painting ideas. Fresh drawings can be found on my Fan's Page on Facebook.
In addition, we can look forward to a brand new ATB art website along with the new paintings. This will be bigger and better than ever. The coolest part is, this time I get to choose my advertising to support the site.
Stand by for website preview.

That about sums it up for now. Gotta love Spring time. Especially Spring break! Without which, all this progress might not have been possible. I'm more busy now than when I'm working a regular day job. Ha!

Return soon for more updates.

Best Wishes to my Family, Friends and Fans!
Andrew T. Bearce